JPEC Members

JPEC has 3 laypersons in its committee – a lawyer, an accountant and a corporate figure. They provide essential views, which reflect those of potential subjects in clinical trials. The majority of members are doctors from various specialties, thus enriching the review expertise within the committee. An important strength of a joint committee like JPEC is that the majority of members are not affiliated to the authority under which JPEC is formed. This enables independent decision making. Only 3 out of 11 members is affiliated to the parent authorities.

Last Update April 2020

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JPEC Secretariat

The JPEC Secretariat is the administrative unit of JPEC and is responsible for the following duties:

  • Giving advice and information regarding rules and regulation in ethical aspects through communication with the JPEC members to the investigator
  • Communicate all decisions of JPEC to applicant
  • In charge of compiling safety reports from clinical studies sponsors to Joint Penang Independent Ethics Committee (JPEC).
  • In charge of in-coming and out-going correspondences
  • Ensure quality requirements of GCP are met
  • Organise JPEC meetings

Secretary (non-voting member):
Ms Caren Ching Yin Fong
JPEC Secretariat
Joint Penang Independent Ethics Committee
c/o Clinical Research Centre
5th Floor, Gleneagles Penang
1, Jalan Pangkor
10050 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: 04-2285760 (ext 163)