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 We strongly believe in patient education and awareness. We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you understand about clinical trial better. Click here to learn all you can about clinical trial’s purpose and requirements.

Watch an educational video about clinical trial below:

Why should I participate in a clinical trial?

  • As a volunteer, you are playing an active role in your own health care.
  • Improve and educate yourself about your own health and quality of life.
  • Gain access to new, potentially promising drug and treatment that is only available in clinical trial setting and currently not available to public.
  • You may receive study medication and trial related procedures at no cost, frequent meetings with study doctor and compensation for your time and travel.
  • Help others by contributing to medical and science knowledge that will improve medical treatment and patient’s quality of life.


Your safety is our primary concern. We work closely with study doctors to ensure proper medical oversight during your participation. We have a responsibility to treat each patient with dignity. We believe in providing our research volunteers with information, care and respect. handAll information provided to us is confidential and will not be shared without your permission.

Participation in clinical trial is voluntary. You can withdraw from participation in a clinical trial at any time, your regular medical care and legal rights will not be affected.