New Career Opportunities!

If you talk to our staff, you’ll soon realise that we are passionate about quality. When it comes to recruitment, Info Kinetics looks for individuals with a host of talents. High on the list are professional skills and experience as well as academic qualifications. However, we also seek out positive attitudes, challenging and enquiring minds, outstanding communication skills and creative, entrepreneurial spirits.

The world doesn’t stand still, to develop our business, we must develop our people. So we insist that every employee of Info Kinetics retains responsibility for their own development. This development comes in many forms – courses, further education, continuing professional development, on-the-job learning, mentoring and one-to-one coaching.

It’s said that a principle isn’t a principle until it costs you something. We put a huge amount of personal and financial effort into living and working by our principles. And that means we expect the same from people who join us. If you subscribe to them, write to us at Please include a recent photograph and resume of yourself.

Current career opportunities: No current openings.